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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment | 5 simple things to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction | ED | ED Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment | 5 simple things to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction | ED | ED Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment | 5 simple things to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction | ED | ED Treatment | How to treat ED | Natural remedies for ED

We always talk about how to manage Erectile dysfunction. Taking pills with full of side-effects is not always a good idea. It is just a temporary solution. Here we have discussed how to fix it permanently.

But for that let us first understand Mechanism of erection. One of the most important molecule involved in erectile dysfunction is Nitric oxide. Most of the ED medicines use nitric oxide pathway. So, why this is important? What is the function of Nitric oxide in our body?

Nitric oxide relaxes the smooth muscle of our blood vessels which helps to improve blood flow. It is not only beneficial for ED but it is also helpful for our heart and overall body function.

Nitric oxide also helps you to make testosterone and is involved in the hormone that controls the amount of testosterone your body makes. Testosterone is important for healthy erection.

Nitric oxide also regulates our stress hormone cortisol and helps to improve sleep. Stress is one of the common underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. If you can reduce the stress the problem of erection will automatically reduce.

Nitric oxide is also involved in your sleep cycles. A sleeping problem like sleep apnea increases your risk of erectile dysfunction.

Diabetic patients are more prone to ED. This is because of the destruction of endothelial cells present inside of your blood vessels.

Also drugs like statin, fibrates can also cause erectile dysfunction.

How to boost Nitric oxide level in our body?

Do is practice Nasal breathing. Nitric oxide is produced in the paranasal sinuses and is excreted continuously into the nasal airways of humans. When we breath through our nose this Nitric oxide reaches the lung and circulates all over the body.

Do is regular exercise. There are several benefits of regular exercise. It helps to reduce our stress which is very important to treat erectile dysfunction.

Foods which are high in nitrates.
Spinach?Bok ChoyLettuceBeets
dark chocolate
citrus fruits,

Next thing is to avoid Sugar, alcohol and stress.
Sugar increases the chances of having atherosclerotic plaque and can damage the endothelial lining of our blood vessels. So more the damage of endothelial lining less the amount of NO in our body. Alcohol also reduces the level of Nitric oxide in our body.

Improve is your sleep. A good sleep can reduce stress and improve erection.
Many drugs cause temporary Erection problem. So, talk to your doctor if you are taking any medicine and find any recent changes in your erection.


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0:00 Introduction
0:46 Function of NO in our body
2:10 Sleep apnea & Erectile dysfunction
2:18 Diabetes and Erectile dysfunction
3:02 How to increase NO in our body
3:51 Foods high in nitrates
5:21 What to avoid to prevent ED

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