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Can You Increase Penile Length?

Can You Increase Penile Length?

In this video we will focus on several questions: Is it too small? Can you increase penile length? And much more.

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What is a ��normal�� penile length?
A lot of people believe the average penile length to be greater than 6 inches or about 15cm. This believe comes from several often-cited studies that relied on self-reported measurements. In scientific terms this data is contaminated with a volunteer bias and social desirability bias. Luckily for us, a recent study looked at the combined results of 31 other studies. Where the penile lengths were actually measured by one of the researchers. Based on these results, the average penile length when erect seems to be between 5.1 and 5.5 inches or 13-14 cm.

Can a penis actually be too small?
Unfortunately, a penis can be too small. In medical terms this is called a micropenis, which is usually diagnosed at birth, when the penile length is found to be well under the normal size range for an infant. This affects about 0,6% of all men.
A micropenis is usually caused by a medical condition affecting androgens. Androgens are a group of sex hormones, which play an important role in the development of someone��s genitals. Mostly impacting the penile length. Assuming there are no other health concerns, a micropenis functions the same as a normal penis.

How is a micropenis diagnosed?
As mentioned a micropenis can be caused by multiple medical conditions. So when a patient visits their doctor with concerns about the length of their genitalia, the doctor will need to do an extensive medical examination to determine the underlying cause.
This includes asking about current complaints, a personal and family medical history and of course a physical examination with a proper measurement of the penile length. The doctor needs to measure the stretched penile length from the tip to the base.
- In infants a micropenis is a length of less than 1.9 cm or 0,75 inches.
- In adults it is a length of less than 9,3cm or 3,7 inches

When to contact your doctor?
If you do worry about your genitalia or your penile length, then please contact your doctor. He/she can maybe reassure you or if necessary can come up with a suitable treatment plan. As this idea of having a small penis can cause men a lot of, potentially unnecessary, stress. Which could cause further medical problems. Therefore it is important you talk about this, with your doctor, partner or maybe a close friend.

Tips and Tricks:
- Grooming or manscaping.
- Losing weight and getting in shape.

Treatment options?
- Psychological counseling or psychotherapy.
- Avoid penile extenders, vacuum erection devices, pills, supplements, creams and lotions. There seems to be very little medical evidence for all of these.
- Surgical treatment; a lot of different surgical techniques are discussed in the medical literature. But all of them seem to cause a high number of complications, poor outcomes and little satisfaction for the patients. In a nutshell the juice doesn��t seem to be worth the squeeze.

- Disclaimer: this video and the comments are meant purely informational! This is not medical advice! If you are looking for medical advice, always contact your own doctor. -

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